The Environmental Club here at Put-in-Bay is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of our natural resources.  We here at the Environmental Club are proud of the progress we have made towards the preservation of Cooper's Woods as well as the great help we contributed to the clean-up effort at the Massie Cliffside Preserve.  On this webpage, we will keep you posted on all the events that we will be participating in.

Come join us on October 9th for our beach cleanup at the Bathing Beach!

President: Joseph Byrnes

Vice President: Alex Knauer

Treasurer: Nora Ladd

Secretary: Kate Byrnes



The Environmental Club in partnership with the Ecology Class and the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center will be hosting a MILKWEED POD COLLECTION from November 1st to November 11th.  Milkweed pods can be submitted to Mrs. Kowalski's room before 1 PM on November 11th.  (Disclaimer: please ask for permission before pulling milkweed pods on private property)

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