1844 Philip Vroman elected School Directer for South, Middle and North Bass; A.I. Jones is first teacher.
1855 School built on DeRivera land near junction of Mitchell Rd. and Catawba Ave.
1857 School built on North Bass (a.k.a Isle St. George)

April: Put-in-Bay School District established comprised of the Bass Islands. $500 levied for new South Bass School building on Mitchell Rd. Subdistricts established: (1) South Bass; (2) Middle Bass, (3) North Bass


April 15: East Point School Board organized because of increased enrollment. East Point becomes subdistrict 4.

1868  December: First held on East Point on Harmes property. 
1869 East Point School constructed for $500. Basement of Paul's Episcopal Church rented by South Bass District.
1872  Passage of 8 mill levy to enlarge Central South Bass School. 
1880 April 17: Put-in-Bay Special School District formed combining the management of South Bass and East Point subdistricts.

J.C. Oldt hired as school superintendent. School board creates "Graded School." 

1895 George Linsky becomes first graduate. 


An addition made to Central School Building.  
1903 Put-in-Bay Central School recieves high school certificate. 
1904 East Point School closes; students transported to Central.


R.J. Albers replaces J. C. Oldt.
1913  Financial crisis:only three instead of the four teachers hired; school term reduced to eight months for the year.
1921  Present school building constructed by J.A. Feick for $23,850: A.B. Lynn, Superindendent and Raymond Truscott, Principal.
1924 School closes in mid-May, two weeks early, for lack of funds. 
1926  Middle Bass and North Bass become seperate school districts. Students enroll at Put-in Bay for secondary school on a tuition basis.
1927 Elizabeth Kuemmel (Parker) first Middle Bass student to complete a year at Put-in-Bay school.
1928 Last grape picking vacation. School moves to tradional calendar ceasing breaks in April and October to November.
1971 Kelly Faris hired as Superintendent. 
1973 Graduation ceremony held at Perry's International Peace Memorial for the first time. 
1975 Largest graduating class: 14. 
1982  Middle Bass closes school; all students enroll at Put-in-Bay as tuition students.
1983 Addition contructed to school building consisting of four classrooms, resterooms, and library. 
1984 Grades 1-6 converted in structure from three to two grades per classroom combinig grades 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6

Kindergarten program added.

1991 Jim Poulos Recreation Facility constructed including a gymnasium, stage, restrooms, music, and tutoring rooms.
1996 Bart Anderson hired as Adminastrator.
1997 Preschool program begins 2-hour per day program serving three and four year old island children. Kindergarten program expands to four hours per day.
1998  Doug Solet hired as Administrator. Heating systm replaced; lighting, upgraded; new entryways; new Kindergarten and Preschool classrooms.Preschool expanded to three-hour per day program.
1999 James Stauffer hired as Superindent/Principal. Modular classroom utilized while discussion begins on permanent addition.
2002 New addition including seven classroom, multipurpose room and teacher room constructed;sprinkler system installed throughout; exits modified to code; new gym entrance.
2003 New playground installed with community help. 
2006 Steven Poe hired as Superintendent/Principal. 
2008 Restroom and original building classrooms renovated, modernized. Kindergarten expands to full day in fall
2009 Original entrance restored; stage and library remodeled; fire escape rebuilt; gym upstairs refitted as locker rooms. District rated excellent.
2015 New pavement on parking lot, new outside basketball court, and new steps.
2021 The Spirit Rock was added to the front lawn of the school.