District Profile

Put-in-Bay School is located on beautiful South Bass Island in Lake Erie. Our school district not only serves the children of South Bass but also the students of Middle Bass Island and North Bass Island. The unique nature of our school provides both challenges and opportunities.

The most obvious challenge of being an island school district is transportation. Instead of getting on buses, our students get on ferries, planes, and charter boats. Field trips, sporting events, or taking coursework at the vocational school on the mainland is a much different experience for our students.   We are constantly keeping an eye on the weather . . . for obvious reasons!

We do not allow challenges to get in the way of opportunity. Our school district is very fortunate to have parents, business owners, and a board of education that support the wide range of academic opportunities we offer our students:
     One-on-one musical instrument and vocal lesson
     One-on-one after-class instruction
     High school quiz bowl team
     Wide variety of courses for college credit
     Numerous hands-on / educational field trips

Our students enjoy many of the extra-curricular activities offered to mainland students, including cross-country, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, archery, and track.We recently started a competitive sailing team and plan to offer dance.

We feel our little school is a “throw-back” to how schools used to be with a tight-knit family environment and with dedicated teachers who work together to ensure each child reaches their potential.   If you have questions about our school, please feel free to contact us anytime.


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The Transparency in Coverage Act (Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020 and the No Surprises Act (Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021) – collectively the “NSA” – included provisions requiring health plan sponsors to disclose certain information via the plan sponsor’s public website. Data files must be available to the public without restrictions that might impede information re-use.    To assist our clients in meeting this requirement, MedBen created the MedBen Transparency in Coverage Resource Data Center.  The online Resource Center includes the required machine-readable file (MRF) data retrieved using a single online link – which can be added to your website making compliance simple.  This simple solution allows clients to offer access to the data on their public-facing websites without the inconvenience and maintenance of hosting large amounts of data.

The Resource Data Center link is here: https://mb.mrf.payercompass.com    Caution before Clicking:  Per the requirements of the NSA, the data files on this website will be updated every month.  One note:  The data is not intended for use by individual employees or employers.  In fact, the data included in some of these files is so voluminous that opening it could tie up a personal computer or laptop.  There is no requirement to send or share the link with your employees.  The only requirement is that the link be accessible on your public website.